Karrie Baysinger has decades of experience as a professional in the real estate industry. She is the Chief Executive Officer at Preston Management in Dallas Texas, a professional property management firm specializing in multi-family homes, senior living, and commercial properties. Baysinger has also spent over 10 years as a licensed real estate instructor, teaching professionally for over four and a half years at the largest real estate school in Texas. 

Throughout her career experience, Karrie Baysinger began to realize that there really wasn't a whole lot of good, useful, and genuine information about real estate out there. She found that most of the information available did not really focus on education but instead was meant to sell products such as training videos or seminars. Most of these materials were more like "get rich quick" schemes that did not offer a realistic approach to learning about real estate.

Because of this realization, Karrie Baysinger decided she wanted to write books that would fill this void with accurate, resourceful, and factual real estate information that was both practical and useful. 

Karrie Baysinger is now a published author working on a five book series focused on real estate. The series is entitled: Real World Real Estate. Her first book, "The Roadmap to Successful Investing", was published in November of 2015.

Karrie Baysinger AuthorReal World Real Estate: The Roadmap to Successful Investing

In "The Roadmap to Successful Investing" Karrie Baysinger uses her professional and personal experience in real estate to help educate others on the subject. She talks about her experience in the real estate industry of the 21st century: Operating a property management company Buying and selling real estate Teaching real estate at the largest real estate school in Texas Karrie Baysinger began her real estate career with the house she grew up in when she was just out of high school. Through all of these experiences, Baysinger learned the ins and outs of what it takes to invest and be successful in the real world of real estate. 

Real World Real Estate: Practical Management Strategies That Work

Karrie is also working on her second book, "Practical Management Strategies That Work". Look out for her first book currently available on Amazon and her new book to be published soon. 

To find out more about the five book series, Real World Real Estate, or to learn more about the real estate industry in general, check out Karrie Baysinger on Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/Karrie-Baysinger.